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Attic Experts of Kentuckiana transforms Louisville homes by providing professional blow-in insulation, saving you money on energy bills and ensuring year-round comfort. We deliver a long-lasting solution with quality materials and a workmanship guarantee.

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Attic Experts of Kentuckiana, LLC is a Best of HomeAdvisor Award Winner
Attic Experts of Kentuckiana, LLC is a Screened & Approved Pro
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Attic Experts of Kentuckiana, LLC - Best of Award Winner

Frequently Asked Questions

If your attic floor is uninsulated or poorly insulated, you will quickly recoup the costs of insulating with lower energy bills year-round. The attic is generally the most cost-effective place to add insulation for heating and cooling. If you are building a house, good insulation installed properly will reduce your heating and cooling needs and save you money.

A well-insulated attic can save you money year-round, reducing energy use related to heating and cooling by 20% or more.

Homeowners can claim a credit of 10% up to $500 of the purchase price of qualifying products. There is a $500 lifetime limitation on this credit. Circumstances vary widely, so homeowners should consult their tax adviser for further guidance. Visit www.energystar.gov and www.irs.gov for more information.

The energy savings from insulating benefit the environment, but not all insulations have equal environmental impacts. Some involve toxic manufacturing processes and are hazardous to install. There are insulations available made from recycled waste materials. Research the options for the type of insulation you require.

The insulation performance of all insulation products is measured by a common standard: the R-value. R-value measures the resistance to heat flow; the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. The thickness of the insulation usually determines the R-value. With the Owens Corning Blown-In Insulation System, you can blow in insulation as thick as you want to achieve any desired R-value!

The insulating properties of any material are referred to by their RSI or R-value. RSI or R-value indicates how well something resists the transfer of heat. The higher the RSI or R-value of a material, the more it will resist heat transfer.

Not necessarily. There is debate over how much ventilation an attic needs to keep your house cool in summer and avoid moisture issues in winter. By law, your attic requires some ventilation, and it is important to ensure you don’t block ventilation as you insulate. If your attic is not part of your living space, passive cooling vents that allow the attic to naturally cool will likely be enough to keep heat from transferring into your house. Do not use turbine vents (vents that actively blow air) in the attic, as they can draw warm outside air into the rest of your house.

An R-value of 40 to 50 (RSI 7 to 8.8) is recommended for attic insulation in most parts of the U.S. Find the recommended R-value for attic insulation in your area. Insulating to a higher R-value than the minimum recommended level is generally better.

Before adding more insulation to your attic, you need to know the current R-value. Measure the thickness of your attic’s insulation. To achieve R-40, you will need approximately 34 cm (13.5 inches) of fiberglass blanket insulation. For R-50, you would need about 43 cm (16.75 inches).

Insulation materials have what is called a “settled density,” which is the thickness they will retain over time. The settled density equates to the R-value. Some materials settle more than others. Most insulation retailers or contractors will know how the various materials settle and can help you decide how much you will need to install.

The ideal insulation type depends on budget, space, and efficiency goals. Owens Corning Blown-In Insulation is our preferred choice for its durability and effectiveness.

The amount of insulation required depends on your desired R-value, climate, and existing insulation. Attic Experts can assess your needs and recommend the right thickness for optimal energy efficiency.

Insulation types vary in material and application. Fiberglass, cellulose, and foam are common options.

Blown-in insulation offers a versatile solution for attics and crawlspaces, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. It can be made with fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool, or natural wool. However, we do not endorse the use of cellulose due to its lower quality and hazardous drawbacks. We use Owners Corning Pink blow-in insulation, a top-tier material known for durability and consistent R-value over time. The insulation-blowing machine ensures optimal performance by creating millions of tiny air pockets, making it a reliable and long-lasting choice for homeowners.

Insulating and air sealing can save up to 20% on your home’s heating and cooling energy costs. Savings will vary depending on your location and weather conditions. This airflow research calculation of energy savings is based on a 1700 sq. ft., single-story home with base case insulation and air leakage levels equivalent to the average home built in 1965.

Yes! Attic Experts of Kentuckiana provides comprehensive insulation removal services. Our efficient two-day process begins with the early arrival of a 20-yard dumpster on your property. On day 1, we remove existing insulation and complete a Clorox germicide treatment. The following day includes the meticulous installation of Owens Corning 177 blown-in insulation, rafter baffles, air sealing, and the addition of the R-17 Prodex Rodant Barrier for enhanced insulation and protection.

Yes, our insulation installation process is environmentally friendly. We prioritize sustainability using Owens Corning Blown-In Insulation, a safe and high-quality insulation material. Additionally, our process minimizes environmental impact, ensuring that your home improvement journey aligns with eco-conscious practices.

High energy bills, uneven temperatures, and drafts are common indicators that it’s time to upgrade your insulation. Attic Experts of Kentuckiana can conduct a thorough assessment to identify specific areas that may benefit from insulation upgrades.

Yes. You can contact us or use our self-guided instant online estimate tool.

The federal energy tax credit is a financial incentive for energy-efficient home improvements. There are specific criteria for eligibility. Please visit this IRS guide for comprehensive information on eligibility and the application process.

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With energy-efficient home insulation solutions, you can expect lower bills year-round and consistent temperatures throughout your home.